Oct 6, 2009

Bold 9000: Neo-Dimension (Plus)

This is the second of 2 themes in the Neo-Dimension series.  The first is Neo-Dimension (Today).

Neo-Dimension (Plus) features:

  • Custom icons based on the Dimension themes
  • 7 user changable applications across the bottom of the homescreen rather than the usual 6 (they are the first 7 icons from your main application list)
  • A dedicated slot in the top left for your weather application (set to be your 8th icon from your main application list)
  • Select the battery meter to open your Options application (see screenshots)
  • Select the time to open your Clock application (see screenshots)
  • Select the the signal meter to open your Manage Connections (see screenshots)
  • Profiles icon in the top right
  • A hidden today area that will show your 8 new messages or 8 upcoming appointments when Messages or Calendar are highlighted.
  • Weather icon will also display on your lockscreen (see screenshots)
Here are some screenshots. Click on them to see them full size:

Download the theme file below.

OTA Install:  Neo-Dimension (Plus)

For installation instructions see the links at the very top of this page.


Anonymous said...

I love them! Thanks again!!
I don't understand the "profile" nevertheless, I just left you a message on your CB panel.

Anonymous said...

Lovely theme, terrific ideas.

Well done!

Anonymous said...

the file is a .JAD and I'm unable to open it either with PC or Blackberry. I've also run a registry cleaner on the PC but this made no difference. When I've downloaded themes before they were in a zip format. Any help appreciated


Anonymous said...

Great theme. However, I do not get the last 8 messages displayed when in messages, but I do get the last 8 appointments when on appointments

Free BBT said...

@ Steve,

The link is a direct to BlackBerry download link. You need to click on that link with your BlackBerry.

Complete detailed download instructions are available by clicking the link at the Very top of this page.

Free BBT said...

@ Anonymous,

That is the way it is supposed to work, it does not show your last 8 messages, it shows (up to) 8 New messages. So if you don't have any new messages it will not list anything.

Anonymous said...

hey I think the link is broken I cant download!

Anonymous said...

thx for sharing, but i cant download it too. would you like to upload the zip file for us? thank you!

Pink said...

I absolutely love this theme, it is everything I have been looking for! I just have one question, can the font of the hidden today be made just slightly smaller so that more text will show on the home screen?

Anonymous said...

I really love this theme, but as another poster said - it appears to have a memory leak -- over a few hours my free memory keeps dropping.

Can this be fixed?

The Theme Zone said...


no one else said that. Are you sure you are commenting on the right theme?

Anonymous said...

OS5 compatible? has a memory leak on mine...

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